• Some other mods I’ve made

    Vandal-Proof Mailbox
    I was contracted by a sweet old lady who had gone through at least a dozen mailboxes in the last few months due to kids smashing them. This solved her problem. 1/8″ diamond plate, with a 3/8″ rebar reinforcement around the opening. This was designed so a regular mailbox would slide into it. She is happy to report that she has not had to buy another mailbox since.



    The Dog Couch
    My sister, fed up with fighting with the dogs for a spot on the couch requested I build her a bench for the dogs. This was the result.


    The JEEP
    This was a perpetual work in progress right up until it got rolled about 6 times at 50mph.
    The cage I put in it did however work perfectly! Random pics of the urban assualt bumpers.
    The rear one totaled a Lexus within 30 minutes of being installed.



    Another Mailbox
    My sister lives in the middle of 15,000 acres of corn and the mail man and snow plow driver must be the guy who played the Mail man in the movie Funny Farm. Big fun to see how much carnage one can cause to a mail box. So I built this… 4″ soilid steel pipe framework sitting in 3′ of concrete and a mailbox big enough to hold a family of 3.


    Drop Traps
    The only way to catch feral cats!