This device houses a battery. Batteries can and have “vented” in the past. It is a very rare occurrence especially with PROTECTED BATTERIES, which I highly recommend, however the possibility is there. While it is of no relevance to the device they are housed in, none the less… here it is. Thag Built assumes NO responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or hurt feelings resulting from The CHUCK. By making payment, you are acknowledging this disclaimer and assume full responsibility and all the risks associated.

    More common risks of CHUCK ownership are:

    Being instantly elevated to a level of “coolness” never before imagined.
    Being chased by beautiful models (male & female) who are madly in love with you & your CHUCK.
    Constant nagging from your friends & family to borrow your CHUCK. (This is not recommended as they are seldom returned).
    Being stared upon and ogled by jealous onlookers.

    If you are prepared for this…. by all means, order away!